At a time when our eating habits affect our health and natural products begin to disappear, Mylonas companies , with 50 years of experience on meat, working with carefully selected Greek experts in health and meat and investing in proper development of animals and controlled grazing in quality pastures, come to meet your daily nutritional needs, leading you to a world of taste and quality.

With modern facilities, HACCP ISO 22000, and combining modern technology on safety and quality with traditional techniques and traditional taste, Mylonas companies can guarantee high quality products at the best value for money.

Wide and flexible range of products are offered at retail by providing home delivery to our customers for best service, but also to wholesale clients with our company cars to our business associates.

So have a nice browsing in our website and we will be glad to see you up close to our stores, to try our products, discuss your needs and tell us your own suggestions.

Mylonas ... where else to go!





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