The name Mylonas originated in Volos Magnesia and 225 K. Kartali str., in 1962, with the opening of a traditional butcher shop by Philemon N. Mylonas. In 2003, the tradition was carried on by his son Constantinos P. Mylonas, who, after studying economics, took over the small butcher shop and developed it into a modern growing business, making a difference from meat production to final consumption. Investing in proper development of animal and controlled grazing pasture , MYLONAS can guarantee its consumers the best quality products. Studying in depth about meat and its derivatives, MYLONAS provides a wide range of affordable and appetizing meat products and sausages at its best quality.

In May 2009, just across the butcher’s shop, at 224 K. Kartali str., the Mylonas cook house was built. It aims to provide solutions to overactive families such as: young men and women who have no time to waste in the kitchen, parents who work all day, elderlies who find it difficult to cook and students who have no time for homemade food. Without derogating from the goal of affordable quality and taste, the MYLONAS cook house makes it possible for everyone to find homemade food, always freshly prepared with fresh ingredients carefully chosen with the quality that MYLONAS companies guarantee.

  • Enjoy with your family fresh meats MYLONAS in various types for all tastes, fragrant, pure and traditionally prepared.
  • Ask for the vacuum service for the excellent preservation of the purchased products in the refrigerator, the freezer or trip and their most convenient storage.
  • Impress your friends and relatives with the meatbar service: one step before your plate, offering delicious food, easily, quickly and healthily, saving you from the clumsy and time consuming process of preparing them at home.
  • Save time and money by choosing the kitchen MYLONAS for a wide variety of homemade food at home, office, with friends, on exams and feeling reassured of the quality and taste.
  • Chose, our quality food for your children's party, a long lasting business meeting, a festive gathering, a nameday celebration, an anniversary or an engagement party by receiving dishes of your choice cooked by us and ready to serve.
  • Call our delivery service to receive our products at your home or in any other area, saving more time in your day.




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